The introductory meeting of Samandağ-Arsuz link road was held

The introductory meeting of the Samandağ Çevlik -Arsuz Kale Connection Road, which is under construction commitment of our Company,  was held on 23.12.2019, hosted by the Governor of Hatay, Rahmi Doğan, who has the most important role in the implementation of this Project. At the meeting, the road and the art structures and bridges on the road route, which reduced the distance between Samandağ and Arsuz districts from 2.5 hours to 40 minutes, were presented and details of the project were reported.

Within the scope of the Project, 2.400.000 m3 excavations, 1.000.000 m3 fillings, 92.000 m3  stone-wall production, 74 culverts and 2 bridges were manufactured within a period of approximately eight months starting from 11.03.2019, the date of commencement of work  and 26 km long Samandağ-Arsuz route road was implemented.

As soon as the weather conditions become suitable, asphalt casting will be completed in a very short time upon the instruction of our Administration and the delivery of this project which is of great importance for Hatay will be realized.