İNTAŞ, starting its activities in 1985, the date of its establishment, has been growing by enlarging its field of activities after many successful projects in the construction sector since then.

İNTAŞ has more than 30 years of experience both in infrastructure and superstructure works in construction field; proven by successful realization of many construction projects including airports, dams, roads, sewerage systems, education facilities, medical facilities, mass housing, etc.

In all the projects İNTAŞ has succesfully completed so far, timing, quality of works, innovative solutions with experienced and qualified team members always had the utmost importance and priority.

İNTAŞ, appreciating the importance of growing, has directed its industrial investment in field of Concrete, Concrete Products and Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyester pipes and has created remarkable employment as a contribution to economical recovery.

Adopting the principle of fulfilling its projects on time and with determined quality, İNTAŞ will sustain its growth and improvement in a balanced and stabilised way together with its employees and the strength they give and maintain to be an establishment creating value for its society and country.