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Tuz Network and Water Treatment Projects in the Southern Iraq restarted

Tuz Rainwater and Wastewater Network Project to be implemented by our company in Iraq Selahaddin Region that has stopped for a while due to security problems has restarted and the completion rate has reached to 50 %. Likewise, Project studies for Tuz Wastewater Treatment Plant and Pumping Station Project rapidly continue.

Construction of Samandağ Çevlik-Arsuz Link Road Starts

The Contract on the construction of coastal road that will link Çevlik Quarter in Samandağ District with Kale Quarter in Arsuz District is signed between the Governor of Hatay and our Company on 07.03.2019, thus the works have been swiftly started. Upon completion of the Project, Çevlik Quarter in Samandağ District and Kale Quarter in […]

Construction of Manisa (Central) Wastewater Treatment Plant is completed

The Manisa (Central) Wastewater Treatment Plant Project (capacity: 80.000 m³/day) that was tendered by the Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, General Directorate of Manisa Water and Sewer Administration in 2015 and awarded to our company has been completed as of 29.03.2019, so the operation period of one year has started for the plant. This is a critical […]