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    and superior quality.

  • Hatay Airport

  • Converting Taxiway into Runway in Milas-Bodrum Airport, and Construction of Quick Taxiway

  • Improvement of Eskişehir Airport PAT Sites Project

  • Construction of Manisa (Central) Wastewater Treatment Plant

  • Construction of inflatable rubber channel and water accumulation structure

  • Construction of Emergency Border Physical Security System on the Border Line

  • Tokat Channel Project

  • Construction of Iraq Süleymaniye Rehabilitation Center




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We as INTAS and its Affiliates,

have been working for 30 years by creating value for our country, society, employers and employees, providing the highest level of service in each project we completed with our innovative applications and knowledgeable, skilled and experienced staff and we are highly acclaimed for our domestic and foreign projects and proved our “reliability” skill in all our projects…

İNTAŞ, adopting the principle of fulfilling its projects on time and with determined quality, will sustain its growth and improvement in a balanced and stabilised way together with its employees and the strength they give and maintain to be an establishment creating value for its society and country.